How to enter

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DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES: 60 days before each award (see more at venue details).
We consider activities for the last 12 months.

How to Enter:

I) Choose the category or categories you would like to apply for (categories: click here)

II) Special Awards on particular topics, suggested by our business and financial community, have the possibility to be made. In case you don't find a proper category for your company in the global finance industry, you can propose your nomination. If our community proposes new financial or economic categories, special awards will be opted as suitable.

III) Submit an entry form via email to There is no specific form. An entry form should contain at least one of the following:

- Incentive to participate
- Reason of your excellence in financial or economic industry (global or local)
- Your vision about sustainability and your actions and efforts in your particular field
- Proof of your performance, if applicable (global or local)

For more information, please contact