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LeFonti ® - Excellence in Innovation & Leadership

LE FONTI® SRL is a research institute and a global independent publishing house headquartered in Milan with more than 10 years of experience in the publishing field, with major shareholders from Europe and Asia. LeFonti® is one of the fastest growing magazines worldwide concerning Excellence in Innovation & Leadership. It is a quarterly magazine published by LE FONTI ®. It is also the first in its niche, according to Alexa - Amazon, for international ranking and its related number of readers.

Our business publications reach hundreds of thousands of business leaders and decision makers in the financial and economic communities worldwide. With a business community that attends our periodical business meetings and over 1 million online visitors among which are business leaders, managers and investors, we are one of the world's leading ranked publications and a prize for excellence Excellence in Innovation & Leadership.

The publications enjoy a prominent position among international media and institutions thanks to the work of dedicated legal, economic, and financial journalists in over 120 countries worldwide. The in-depth analysis' are written by global economists, politicians, and Nobel Prize winners, such as Joseph E. Stiglitz, Nouriel Roubini, Michael Spence, Laura Tyson, Yu Yongding, Kenneth Rogoff, Daniel Gros and Raghuram Rajan.

Futhermore, we have relaunched a newer version of www.iaireview.org, that targets an audience of top managers and financial web users and complements the reach of LeFonti ® magazine. The new review is distributed in hard copy at major financial events around the world and spread via the Amazon bookstore, the digital version through iTunes for iPhone and iPad applications, and through Google Play for Android devices.

About the LeFonti AWARDS® (www.lefontiawards.it) and CEOSUMMIT ( www.ceosummit.tv )

LeFonti AWARDS® is one of the world's leading ranking systems and hosts award ceremonies in Excellence in Innovation & Leadership. It is made up of the scientific committee of LeFonti® along with a team of dedicated legal, economic and financial journalists in over 120 countries worldwide.

Since its creation, the LeFonti Awards®, in order to guarantee independence, decided not to accept paid sponsorships, only free institutional support. Because of this, buying seats at the gala is the only way to contribute in part to the high costs incurred.

The LeFonti AWARDS® is focused on Excellence in Innovation & Leadership and in particular in the following categories: Green Economy, Alternative Investments, Business Opportunities, Global Corporate Excellences, FX, ETFs and Commodities, Law, Asset Management, Family Office and Wealth Management, Philanthropy, Private Equity, Real Estate and Property, Succession Planning and Family Businesses.

Some of our past winners and top ranked companies include: Morgan Stanley, Bank of China, Rockefeller, BNP Paribas, IBM, HDFC Ergo, Freshfields, UBS, Novartis, BlackRock, Rothschild, Deutsche Bank, Aviva, Vodafone, Russel Investments, ReMark, BASF, Daimler, Royal Dutch Shell, Christian Dior, Cartier, Fedex, ABB, 3i Group, APAX Partners, Bridgepoint Capital, Allen & Overy, Willkie Farr & Gallagher, DLA Piper, CMS.

The LeFonti AWARDS® is a global roadshow held in the most strategic financial centers such as Hong Kong, Dubai, London, Singapore, Milan and New York.

LeFonti® - Excellence in Innovation & Leadership

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